Monday, July 9, 2012

The Happy Millennial Starts a Blog

The Happy Millennial, Rosella Eleanor LaFevre
(Photo: Michele Elaine Hannon)
      During a recent lunch hour, I withdrew the last $5 from my checking account. My savings account had only the required minimum balance of $5. I was at work and needed to eat something, lest I starve. And even though I asked for ranch dressing to accompany my chicken finger platter, I was given honey mustard. I didn’t complain and ate it eagerly.
      When I got home, all there was left to eat was half a ham slice and enough asparagus for me and Chris, my boyfriend. I wasn’t sure where we’d get money for more food since our rent was due the next day and a check for an assignment from a local magazine that I completed six months ago had yet to arrive. But was I miserable? No.
      Let me tell you why: Because my boyfriend was home after 12 hours of work, and I had gotten six more writing assignments in the last week. Life doesn’t get much better for me. And I write that with a smile.
This is how my first piece for began. It was given the title, "A Millennial Finds the Secret to Happiness." The readers of the website tend to be older adults who start sentences with the phrase Back in my day. They like to offer advice to us or say how sorry they are that things suck for us 20-somethings. While I immensely enjoy the site and think its writers are very talented, I cringe at the notion that my existence is bleak due to my youth or economic circumstance. 
It gave me great pleasure to tell people that I'm happy, despite all the things that should be bringing me down.
I'm happy because I choose to be. I'm happy because I'm working my butt off and getting increasingly closer to achieving all my dreams. I'm happy because I'm truly loved. I'm happy because it's better than not being happy.
This blog is for other millennials, those who have found happiness and those who want to find it, and a little for those of our elders who just can't seem to believe that we can be happy.
More smiles to come...

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