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“Rosella came in to the company head first! She is a phenomenal writer and looked out for the best interests of the magazine. As founder of HOSTAGE Magazine, I definitely appreciated having her as a writer; her blog posts and articles were lauded by our readers. I would definitely recommend Rosella as a staff writer in any sort of editorial arena. She is a great asset!!” - Jenelle Jones, former EIC of HOSTAGE Magazine
Hi, I'm Rosella.

You may have seen my full name -- Rosella Eleanor LaFevre -- across this blog and other websites. As a freelance writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of M.L.T.S. Magazine, a quarterly online publication for young women in college, I'm getting my name out there. I've been profiled on The Huffington Post, Her Campus, NextGen Journal, Campus Philly, and Flurt!

I have written about several topics -- from community news to books, from relationships to cool people worth profiling -- and currently specialize in the following topics: self-fulfillment, careers/entrepreneurship, the Millennial lifestyle, and relationships. Another of my specialties? Writing under tight deadlines. I am the writer my editors come to when they need someone to cover something last minute and I always deliver.

My work has appeared in national and regional publications both online and in print. My work has appeared in several markets including Philadelphia magazine's ThePhillyPost.com, CollegeMagazine.com, Philadelphia RowHome Magazine, JUMP magazine, The Juniata News, Northeast Times and Star newspapers. Might I be writing for you soon?

“I have worked in the field of journalism for over 8 years, and throughout these trials and tribulations I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Rosella is neither: she is a GREAT journalist. Her passion is relentless, her intellect is quick, and her talent is undeniable. Nothing will stand in her way. When I worked with her on M.L.T.S. Magazine, I felt assured that the publication was in the hands of this driven, and vastly accomplished young woman. I am proud to know Rosella Eleanor LaFevre, The Journalistic Force to be Reckoned With.” - Bianca Crespo, former Managing Editor at M.L.T.S. Magazine
As the founder and editor-in-chief of M.L.T.S. Magazine, I have experience leading a team and pulling together a beautiful product. In fact, I design every issue myself. That means I can pull together a beautifully written, beautifully designed white paper or annual report for your business.

I'm also an experienced blogger. Before starting The Happy Millennial, I blogged under the title Vered's The Penny Jar since 2009. I've written about relationships for now-defunct HOSTAGE magazine's blog. I was the editor of two.one.five magazine's books blog for roughly a year. Put me to work blogging for your business and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Let's not forget: I'm a published author, too. My first book, a young adult romance novel titled Calixte, was published in June 2012 as a Kindle ebook. I can handle projects in any length -- a few hundred words for a blog post or a full-length manuscript.

If you're interested in hiring me to write for you, shoot me an email or give me a call.

Rosella Eleanor LaFevre
(267) 918-9789

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